Do You Want to Build a S’mores Cake?

smores cakeIf your dessert vice happens to be chocolate and marshmallows, you have two main options: rocky road or s’mores. If you are particularly about your marshmallows, say for example, you prefer them toasted, well then there’s only one option for you.

How to build a s’mores cake:

Take your favourite chocolate cake recipe (mine is here!) Layer up a generous amount of marshmallow fluff and sprinkle some milk chocolate chips.

IMG_0394Then, take your favourite chocolate frosting and coat this beast of a cake with it. The marshmallow fluff will try to fight its way through. No point denying it.

Next, sprinkle/rub/throw some graham crumbs along the side. I happened to have some Duff S’mores flavoured sprinkles on hand so I used that.

IMG_0395As though that wasn’t enough, I whipped up some ganache (scalded 2/3 cup of heavy cream poured over 1 cup of semi-sweet chocolate) and spread a nice layer over the top leaving some room around the edge. I then piped a nice border with my left over frosting and dumped a pile of mini-marshmallows in the centre.

IMG_0398Do you have a kitchen torch? Good, otherwise this whole exercise is all for not. Toast those marshmallows until they are browned and toasty (don’t worry if you set fire to a couple, that’s the beauty of making s’mores). And with the amount of ganache I made you make, you’ll have plenty left to drizzle over those toasted marshmallows. This cake will be a hit at the party.



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