Pop quiz, hot shot!


Fifty miles per hour,
The situation is getting sour.
Sandra’s breakout role is totally baller.

Dennis Hopper is mad,
Jeff Daniels is sad.
Yeah? But Keanu Reeves is taller.

The Ever-Viral Apple Rose

From time to time, a How-to recipe video floats around the interwebs. It gets shared on Facebook, it might even garner a “Like” but very seldom do I actually make an attempt to item in question… until the Apple Rose.

For Thanksgiving, it seemed to hit all the right buttons for an autumn post meal dessert: apples, cinnamon, pastry, and of course the presentation was sure to wow. At the risk of this ending up in the “Nailed It!” meme pile, I gave it a go. I’m happy to say I actually nailed it.