Luau Themed Cake

This cake design is from 2008, when I was still unsure about using fondant and relied heavily on icing for decoration (though the lei is made from fondant and the pink and white flower and the ears are made with gum paste… clearly I had no idea what I was doing).

To get the shape of the pig, I used a medium and a small stainless steel mixing bowls. The texture of the pig is created by piping star-shaped dots.

I Geek, Therefore I Am

You’ve already seen my Watchmen Cookies, now here are more cakes and cupcakes I’ve done in the past that are geared toward my fellow geeks and pop culture lovers…

This commissioned cake features one of the most addictive games of my youth: Bubble Bobble.

This cake was for an 80s theme birthday. Why we landed on the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man? Your guess is as good as mine. I used a meringue frosting which had the texture and taste of marshmallow… seemed appropriate.

This ColecoVision cake design was an issued challenge. It is one of my [very] early attempts at decorating (circa 2008). Knowing what I know now, I think I’d like to revisit this and use fondant. Stay tuned for that!

Kids’ birthdays are so much fun to bake for! Here, the theme of the party was the Renaissance! Kidding, it was superheroes, of course! The piping took a while and my hands were sore after but I had a blast making these (though, seeing Marvel and DC mix it up cupcake-style bothers me).

That’s right! I once made cupcakes in honour of a f*cking CMS tool!

And finally, I’ll cap this post off with Oscar the Grouch! I also created an Elmo, Big Bird, Grover and Cookie Monster but I wasn’t overly fond of them. One day… One day.

Vanilla Cupcakes with Agave Nectar

I had purchased a bottle of agave nectar from a local organic bulk store but never used it… until late last night at around 10pm when I decided to bake (this happens often). So I dug up my copy of Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World and made these (I de-Veganized them though). The flavour is familiar but I can’t place it: it’s very light and subtle but mingles perfectly with the frosting (also adopted from the same book).

The agave also makes the texture of the cake more moist (sorry for using that word). Also note, that these were baked at 325°F and not your usual 350°F.

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