Spreading Love with Rainbow Cupcakes


In my last post, you might have noticed that I got a little sentimental (I regret nothing!) So let me fill you in on some of the behind the scenes stuff: Because my friends wanted a chocolate cake for the Gender Reveal cake, I had to make at least one batch of vanilla cake to dye blue. Needing only half for the cake presentation and having mixed a full batch of vanilla batter, what’s a girl to do? Mom always told me not to waste food so….


I reserved half the batter and divided it into three bowls to mix red, yellow, and green. And of course, I left some blue batter for these fun little cupcakes. I carefully spooned the batters, layering them gently and baked as per usual. Topped with my usual vanilla buttercream and dressed with these little pink chocolate hearts I molded, these rainbow cupcakes are just another way to spread the love!

Maple Bacon Cupcakes w/ Maple Cream Cheese Frosting

maple baconTomorrow morning at a ghastly hour in our time zone, Team Canada will be going for gold in the Men’s Hockey final in Sochi. What better way to pump ourselves up than with a batch of Canadiana in the form of some delicious cupcakes? I present you with maple cupcakes with maple cream cheese frosting topped with bacon and toffee bits.

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A Couple of Ways to Dress a Vanilla Cupcake

vanilla cupcakeI tend to judge a Chinese restaurant by their fried rice, a Thai place by the Pad Thai, a pizzeria by its pepperoni and cheese, and a bakery by its vanilla cupcake. The beauty of its simplicity lies in how versatile it can be yet how it can stand alone as a dessert show-stopper untouched. Two ways I’ve played with this recipe is first by giving it a tropical flare by topping it with toasted coconut and candied dried pineapple, and then filling the cupcake with something (in this case, some candy… more on that later).

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Pricing Your Baked Products

I found this article helpful, if anything for the friendly peptalk. From The Business of Cake Decorating #9: Pricing your cakes by Earlene Moore…

Of all the comments (with a question) I hear over and over and over again is. “I feel funny about charging people for what I do. I know it takes my time but, I am learning with every cake. How much should I charge for my cakes?”

Why do you feel funny about charging people for a product that they request from you? Do you feel funny about paying to have the oil changed in your car? Do you feel funny about paying for cookies in the store when you get to the check out stand? I don’t think I have ever heard anyone get to the check out stand and tell the checker “I would like these cookies but I really think that they are only worth 69¢ instead of the 89¢ that they are marked. When people request a product from you it has worth. How you determine the price is by the ingredient cost, the time you put into that product and the quality of that product. Then there is also one more thing that figures into how much you can charge – your reputation and the demand for your product.