Do You Want to Build a S’mores Cake?

smores cakeIf your dessert vice happens to be chocolate and marshmallows, you have two main options: rocky road or s’mores. If you are particularly about your marshmallows, say for example, you prefer them toasted, well then there’s only one option for you.

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Minecraft Cake

This Minecraft requires two 8″x8″ square pans, a vanilla cake recipe (or chocolate but I used vanilla), 500 mL heavy cream, 1 package of instant vanilla pudding, 2 batches of marshmallow fondant (one batch tinted light brown, the other white), one batch of buttercream frosting (enough to coat the cake… it’ll be covered in fondant), some red and brown pearl dust and a little bit of vodka for painting. If you have gray petal dust for a little bit of detailing and shading, have at it!

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