Spaghetti w/ Tomato Sauce: Three Ways

Call me lame [lame] but I was determined to find a very basic spaghetti dish while I was in Italy. Well I found it alright! I found it three times…

First of all I should note that every time I decided on getting the spaghetti, some other vixen on the menu would coax me over. But with a determined resolve, I finally ordered it.

Second, let’s be honest: it’s all very basic – long noodles stolen from the Chinese and then topped with tomato sauce. The sauce can have spices or not, meat or none, parmesan cheese or… nah, it’s gotta have parmesan on it. The point is you’ll never be horribly disappointed. It’s the chocolate chip cookie of pasta dishes. Sure one sauce can leave you content while another might have you dreaming of tomatoey kisses. Some may be blander than others but in most cases, you are left with a satisfied tummy.

The first spaghetti dish (pictured above) left me satisfied as did the second one (this one was ordered by my mother). It contained meatballs and was aptly named “Mamma Mia”.

And finally below is the Spaghetti Bolognese which was served with a meat sauce – the exact element that the other two versions were missing. Remember those tomatoey kisses I was referring to earlier? Accurate.


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