Sweet Tooth 2012

So what is Sweet Tooth, you ask? It’s a dessert potluck that ends in a sugar coma. Here’s what you do: rally up bakers, eaters and sweets enthusiasts at work, book a meeting and a boardroom and then gorge. Socializing is optional.

I was worried that no one would bake; I’m happy that I was wrong… and boy, did they step up!

These cupcakes were my contribution (recipes to follow). They seem to be well-received.

Contributions were not limited to homemade baked goods as these red velvet brownies proved. Someone also brought store-bought Chinese flour cakes!

And these chocolate marshmallow brownies got into the spirit of Halloween! And I’m not going to lie, I’m saving one for dinner dessert tonight.

And then there’s these little guys complete with pretzels for legs. The only spiders you’ll see on this blog (or any blogs owned by me).

Not pictured but always welcomed at any dessert-themed potluck were peanut butter chocolate chip cookies as well as M&M cookies. Someone also made paleo brownies for the non-gluten, non-sugar, non-eggs, non-dairy sweets lovers.

And finally to cap off this post I shall leave you with this. No description necessary…



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