Chocolate Toffee Squares


These are dangerous! A delicious cookie base topped with double the dose of chocolate and toffee bits to boot. This recipe comes from the book aptly titled “Bars & Squares” by Jill Snider — a book I rarely use though I often thumb through it. It has so many great sounding recipes, it’s a wonder I don’t put it to good use more often (oh I know, lack of pictures). However, these squares didn’t have a picture but rather a short list of ingredients and make a tonne of squares to either share or stash.

Lesson: Don’t judge a recipe by its lack of professionally edited photo.

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British Invasion: Banoffee Pie Inspired Cupcakes


Continuing my exploitation of traditional British desserts, here’s one that does not date back as far as Victorian times, but rather the 70s by two gents who seem to have been conducting their own Epic Meal Time experiments. Admittedly, I am not a huge fan of bananas unless they are mashed up and blended into a fluffy batter and baked… so that’s exactly how I incorporated the rich banana flavour into this cupcake. Adding a layer of dulce de leche on top allowing it to seep into the cake was just the icing under the icing on the cake.

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Salted Toffee Bark

salted toffee barkI’m not going to pretend I invented this. A quick Google search for saltine toffee bark or some variation of that will turn up this super simple recipe. I think the only adjustment I made was the amount of butter I used (spoiler: it was more than most recipes you’ll find out there). Why the change? First it was by accident; doubling the initial amount. I learned from people that they actually liked it a little chewy. I, unfortunately, didn’t but I found a nice little compromise that allowed it to be toffee-like but not break your teeth.

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